Southern Consolidated Electrical Sales, Inc.
Manufacturers Representatives

Birmingham, Alabama
Duluth, Georgia

Transmission - Distribution - Commerical/Industrial - Substation - Lighting - Network - Generation - Engineering Services

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SouthCon is a member of EERA.

About SouthCon

About SouthCon

Founded in 1960, Southern Consolidated Electrical Sales, Inc. (SouthCon) is the merger of two successful companies (Glenn Huhman & Mills and United Manufacturers Representatives) . The two companies unified under the name SouthCon on January 1, 1994. SouthCon provides coverage in Alabama, the Florida Panhandle, Georgia, and Mississippi.

SouthCon is a manufacturer’s representative serving the electric utility and commercial / industrial markets working with partner distributors to proudly serve our geographic customer base. SouthCon, through planned succession, is currently on its third generation of ownership.

Currently SouthCon maintains two main offices (Birmingham, AL and Duluth, GA) and has the ability to track all product / service sales and market trends through business management software. SouthCon also maintains a fleet of vehicles capable of towing demonstration trailers (some of which are designed, owned, and maintained internally).
Providing professional representation with a synergistic approach to provide complementary world class products and services makes SouthCon one of the strongest agencies in the southeast region.  SouthCon is a member of EERA.