SouthCon – West
Coverage: Alabama, Mississippi, Florida Panhandle, Tennessee
3724 1st Avenue North
Birmingham, AL 35222
Phone: (205) 324-8656
Fax: (205) 328-2292

For any questions or comments about our services or manufacturers, please contact one of our offices or the outside sales representative in your area. Please see the complete list of phone numbers and email addresses below.

In the event of storms or other emergencies, please be sure to contact us at the cell phone numbers listed below.

Tom White, President

Office: (205) 324-8656
Cell Phone: (205) 613-7194

Email Tom White

Peggy Pattison, Inside Sales

Direct Phone:
(205) 986-2807

Email Peggy Pattison

Linda Knierim, Inside Sales

Direct Phone:
(205) 777-0180

Email Linda Knierim

Bobbie DesChamps, Inside Sales

Office Phone:
(205) 324-8656

Email Bobbie DesChamps

Clint Beasley, Outside Sales

Cell Phone:
(205) 907-6310

Email Clint Beasley

Danny Diaz, Outside Sales

Cell Phone:
(404) 387-8874

Email Danny Diaz

Greg Slovensky, Outside Sales

Cell Phone:
(205) 908-6693

Email Greg Slovensky

Leland McCully, Outside Sales

Cell Phone:
(251) 979-2887

Email Leland McCully

Josh Durr,
Outside Sales

 Cell Phone:
(205) 913-4169

Email Josh Durr